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Digidust Metrics is a service by Digidust that measures your performances on Twitter and compares them with
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Digidust is a digital agency in France and in the United States. We advise brands, local authorities, and celebrities (politics, professional athletes...) and help them use Twitter better.

You want to add an account to one of our ratings, receive advices to increase the size of your audience, or adjust your marketing strategy on Twitter?

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Thank you for your interest in Digidust Metrics.
Twitter is an amazing platform for you to develop your community and engage conversations with your audience.

We analyze millions of information to give you a liable and actual return on your performances in the use of your Twitter account.

This approach is the fruit of our experience acquired during tens of thousands of hours of Community Management on Twitter, for many clients from the public and private sector as well as for celebrities, in France and in the United States.

We are aware that this vision, even if it is 80% based on the actual analysis, is a subjective approach. It's the reason why we endeavored to take into account our own best practices, but also all those that make consensus with our colleagues around the world.

Digidust Metrics is currently a very liable tool and allows to have, for our clients and marketing teams who take care of the accounts that we are currently analyzing, a reference base in time to monitor how good is their strategy and to compare it's results with the ones of their competitors.

It is probably time for you to take your Twitter account MUCH further. It's for that reason that we have defined the 4 most important services to become a Ninja in 140 signs.
PimpMyTwitter !
In addition to Digidust Metrics, based on our own needs, we have developed a business offer centered on Twitter to help you fully exploit the extraordinary potential of this platform. Facebook is too closed on itself, Instagram is not well suited for real time and Snapchat is to complex and expensive to easily become profitable at this stage. Twitter stays the champion of the diffusion of information. The products aim to empower you. They were first proven by our teams for years before becoming a proper offer.
EStablish your own private ratings
Yes, everything you see on DIGIDUST METRICS is free, but there is more to it. Some of our clients ask us to create for them private ratings, which allows them to follow the performances of their own account while comparing it to their competitors

This offer is very popular towards political and local authorities actors for obvious reasons, not only in election period. It is to advertisers who want to assess the work in a factual way too, but also agencies who want to show their expertise to their clients.

Your own ratings are 100% confidential (including to the eyes of the ones you want to follow) and only accessible to you and your team. You don't have to download anything. Everything is hosted and maintained at Digidust.

In less then 48h, the time it takes to collect enough data, the 1st ratings appear.

They present themselves exactly like the ones from the public site and offer the same amount of information to analyze. You can follow up to 100 different accounts for every sample.

As for the majority of our services, we have a Concierge Approach. Our team takes care of everything and you only have one contact for all your needs.
increase the number of your followers
Have you often asked yourself how the brands or people like you have tens of thousands of followers?

We have developed Digidust GROWTH, a really efficient service to help you target communities of people and bring their attention on your content. You do NOT buy followers, who are usually useless fake accounts. You make people who would be interested in you want to follow you and these do it voluntarily, if they want to.

Using GROWTH is like having an army of Community Managers dedicated to maximize your engagement volume towards the audience you are interested in. 

Yes, the thousands of followers you gain are humans. They are targeted depending on your criteria and are active. The adequacy between our targeting and your timeline quality make GROWTH one of the most efficient services in the world to grow your audience on Twitter. Of course, we never post anything on your account, not even in DM. Nothing.

As for most of our services, we have a Concierge Approach. Our team takes care of everything, and all the process is handled of by our teams. You only have one contact for all your needs. GROWTH works on Instagram too.

Try GROWTH to increase the number of your followers.
publish great content
Maintaining an active Twitter account, pleasant to read and targeted on the audience you want to seduce asks for huge efforts and a daily availability. You can save dozens of hours per month while improving the attractiveness of your account by partially automating the content diffusion. 

STREAM is a technology posting content on your Twitter account. Those tweets go on the base of single or multiple RSS streams, filtered with specific criteria related to the content of an article, ranked by popularity or level of reach it gets in a given period of time. You can also tune the rythme you want, depending on the hours at which your audience is the most active.

It's not a simple "RSS to Twitter". The power of its setting makes it the ideal companion for any Twitter account having a professional purpose

The STREAM setup is entirely manual and tailored. As always, we work for you, because what you post is important and you need to keep control of it, in terms of quality and quantity.

Every Tweet is adjusted, to maximise the photos and videos' impact, and to track the sources' statistics and eliminate the weakly engaged ones.

Try STREAM to reduce your content creation cost and have more time to concentrate on your real job.
Audit your targets and define an effective strategy
At DIGIDUST, we have managed dozens of Digital Marketing missions and have thousands of hours of experience. We're passionate by  Twitter marketing because this platform has unique qualities, usually little or not fully exploited.

Where to start? On Twitter like anywhere else, you will need to pass two essential steps before even posting your first Tweet. 

You need to identify your targets, understand how these communities function, what they expect from you and what they like, how they interact with other people, which will allow you to address them where they are, in a more indirect kind of way.

You then need to define a strategy based on that audit, have a somewhat editorial line which will seduce then, engage those communities and take them to loving you, to support you, and buy your products.

We like helping you take your Twitter account to the next level (and, wider, to your presence on the social networks).

Contact us. At DIGIDUST, we can give you the little boost that you're missing to take you very very far!
Why you should work with digidust now
That sounds obvious but many tend to forget: Those famous communities that everyone would like to get loyalty and engagement from are composed of human beings. You should not see them as just Twitter or Facebook accounts, but like people capable of enthusiasm and anger, to buy and to defend your products as for your ideas, etc... 

For years, we have advised tons of clients so that their strategy is always the best in a changing world, as marketing techniques are more and more sophisticated. We help them see where they are, and take them up to where they should go to generate more opportunities or skyrocket their reach.

Our clients are mainly public institutions, Fortune 500, startups and celebrities. We do not substitute ourselves to you, we empowered you so you stay in control of your most precious asset: your communities.
about Digidust Metrics
What makes Digidust Metrics unique is its ability to compare with accounts similar to yours. You then monitor your campaigns results, but also your concurrents', on them as much as on you. We spent years refining our approach to offer you the only service on planet Earth that brings such precision on a same sample of Twitter accounts.
100% Twitter
We have chosen to focus on Twitter to deliver a reliable ranking.

By working the millions of data available every day, we offer to you an accurate and actual analyze. Flattering or not, it is the outcome of your strategy and its execution on Twitter.

You don't understand the result?
Contact us.
Evolutionary algorithm
We have developed an algorithm that takes in consideration more then 50 different parameters, that we group in 5 different families.

We do not make public the exact nature of this algorithm because it is the heart of our expertise and we don't want that certain accounts "optimize" their usage depending on thereof to win seats.
Really free
Yes, everything that you find on this website is free.

We also offer services that will put your Twitter account on steroids, with the objective to have a lot of targeted, real, active followers and updating your timeline in a semi-automatic way or to put under supervision the most important subjects for you and your audience. 
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